Say What? Backpack to School !?!

This is the post excerpt.


Yes,  it’s that time of the year again.  It’s time to get ready for school.  One of the items that your child is sure to need is a backpack.  Backpacks can be quite expensive so you may wish to look at last year’s school bag and see if might still do the job after you give it a cleaning.  We purchased ours in early August when the selection was still quite good for the backpacks less costly and still cute enough in design but in case you did not you may wish to dust off last year and use it until your online purchase arrives.  Buying online has become our go to means of purchase especially since we moved from the big city to a much smaller town.  Amazon, E-bay, Walmart, Staples and Canadian Tire might be great starts for shopping online for backpacks.